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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Once you are qualified and on the REPS register at Level 2 or 3 then you need to show that you continue with your PROFESSIONAL development and complete a minimum of 10 CPD points per year by attending properly accredited UAE / International courses. This ensures that the fitness instructors are continuing to update and stay current with latest research and to keep improving their skills. Impact is delighted to offer the very best of those CPDs which include a wide variety of new and exciting modules to enhance your career and to give you some great options of taking other qualifications that are internationally recognised to gain CPD points.

All of our CPD qualifications have an International ‘value’ which is much higher than the local UAE value of 10 CPD points maximum. This is outlined on each qualification so for instance you may have a Impact Gym level 2 valued at 20 CPD points and entry to Level 2, you then take Impact Group Indoor Cycling which internationally is valued at 16 CPD points and UAE CPD value 10 points. 

Likewise, if you decided to take the level 3 Pre and Post Natal qualification this would earn you a massive 20 CPD points internationally. This will get you enough points for your years renewal on UAE REPS but also it will give you another international qualification which travels anywhere in the world with you – so worth considering when selecting your CPD in the future.

As well as gaining CPD from additional qualifications we offer a wide selection of one day workshops delivered by the very best of the best international trainers.
Level 2
CPD 20 Points Gym
Fitness for Children
CPD 16 Points Group Indoor Cycling
Level 3
CPD 20 Points Certificate in Personal Training including Nutrition
Diploma in Personal Training
(requires level 2 gym as pre-requisite)
Ante and Post Natal Adaptation
CPD 16 Points Nutrition for active lifestyle



CPD Functional FX®
Kettlebell FX
Zumba Basic Steps Level 1 (6 CPD Points)
Jump Start Gold (6 CPD Points)
Jump Start Kids & Kids Jr. (6 CPD Points)
Zumba Basic Steps Level 2 (4 CPD Points)
Zumba Gold (4 CPD Points)
Zumba Kids & Kids Jr (4 CPD Points)
Zumba Toning (4 CPD Points)
Aqua Zumba (4 CPD Points)
Zumba Step (4 CPD Points)
Zumba Pro Skills (4 CPD Points)
STRONG By Zumba (6 CPD Points)
STRONG By Zumba E-Learning (3 CPD Points)
Aqua Zumba Boost (3 CPD Points)
Zumba Step Boost (3 CPD Points)
Zumba Gold Boost (3 CPD Points)
Zumba Toning Boost (3 CPD Points)
Zumba® Kids And Kids Jr. Boost (3 CPD Points)