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Qualifications- Gaining entry to REPs
Get Qualified –Get Teaching!  

How to get started
To work in the fitness industry in the UAE or in developed countries around the world you have to have a suitable recognized qualification to show you have the correct skills for the job you are doing. All of our qualifications are recognized internationally and feature on allexercise register (REPs) globally.


ENTRY to REPs Level 2

Any Level 2 qualifications with Impact will be your gateway to entering the fitness industry fully qualified and ready to teach unsupervised.
We provide qualifications that will give you entry at Level 2 Fitness Instructor in the disciplines of Gym, Studio Group Exercise, Circuit, Aqua, Indoor Cycling and Fitness for Children. Level 2 Gym Fitness Instructor is the foundation and pre-requisite for the Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma

Level 2 Theory
All Level 2 qualifications have a mixture of theory and practical.  
All the theory is generic (the same) across the disciplines listed above. You will receive a theory manual and also access to some great online lectures from our team.  As well as the lectures, you can test your knowledge with fun online ‘quizlets’ that help you to track your progress.

Level 2 practical
The practical element of the courses requires you to attend 3-5 full training days (generally across weekends).  During this time, you will learn to coach specific skills to the course you have chosen. The Gym Instructor course is the most popular due to the demand for Personal Trainers and the access it provides to Level 3.

This course also has a full practical online video selection of EVERY part of the workout.  This, we have found is very useful for exercise technique and we find that students who have studied this well during the pre-course online study period (recommended for 4 weeks before input) do exceptionally well on their practical input days and can usually fast track though to assessment.

Assessment of Level 2
All level 2 qualifications;

  • 2 multiple choice theory papers
  • 2 practical assessments (including planning and evaluation)
  • Worksheets and Knowledge Questions.  

To receive full certification all modules must be passed.
Impact does not charge reassessment fees (excluding Diploma).

ENTRY to REPs Level 3

Gaining entry to REPS Level 3 and working as a Personal Trainer requires you to attain a full Level 3 qualification/ Diploma or equivalent. The Level 3 Certificate Diploma in Personal Training with Impact and YMCA Awards will not only give you entry at Level 3 on REPS internationally and locally, it will also prepare you to work at this advanced level of programming for both activity and nutrition. When you are selecting your training provider, clarify that all these are covered, as not all Level 3 qualifications are equal.

Level 3 Practical
During the Level 3 input days (5 in total) you will be expected to participate in various fitness activities and be very active on the practical sessions.
The Level 3 focuses on leading sessions for advanced clients and for those with specific needs. The input days are supported by each advanced training system for CV and resistance work being supported by online videos. The online materials will need to be viewed PRIOR to attending the input days as this gives you the best advantage of getting the very most from your course.

Level 3 theory
There are 2 exams, Advanced anatomy and Nutrition. All theory exams are multiple choice. Much like the Level 2 and you are supported with learning manuals as well as online materials. The study guide provided would outline hours of study that will be required for each subject.  A definite 4-week pre course study is essential for the Level 3. Once the pre-course study is completed, you are ready to attend the input days, which are a mixture of practical and theory.

Assessment of Level 3
The level 3 Certificate Diploma in Personal Training:

  • 2 multiple choice theory papers,
  • 2 x practical assessments (including planning and evaluation)
  • 2 x case studies (practical programming of an advanced client and the other a nutrition program)
  • Fitness testing
  • Worksheets and Knowledge Questions.
  • Viva

The level 2 Gym (or equivalent) is the pre requisite to this qualification.
To receive full certification all modules must be passed.

Impact does not charge reassessment fees (excluding Diploma).